Lesanna L Lahner, DVM, MPH

Executive Director and Veterinarian

Dr. Lahner’s passion and practice is to promote conservation and improve ecosystem and community health through exceptional veterinary medical care and scientific research. Dr. Lahner is a wildlife veterinarian that specializes in sea life. In addition to her role with SR3, Dr. Lahner serves as the veterinarian for Sarvey Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. She is also an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the University of Washington, School of Public Health. Dr. Lahner previously worked for the Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago, IL), the Seattle Aquarium (Seattle, WA), and the USGS National Wildlife Health Center (Madison, WI). Dr. Lahner works closely with agencies that oversee stranded or injured marine mammals and sea turtles in Washington and Oregon including NOAA and USFWS. Currently Dr. Lahner is involved in a variety of clinical and population based conservation research projects, including research on Sea Star Wasting Disease, sea otter anesthesia and medicine, and marine mammal disentanglement efforts.  Listen to Dr. Lahner’s interviews on Science Friday.