Raven Skyriver

Renowned Glass Artist, Tlingit Tribal Association

Raven Skyriver grew up on Lopez Island and started blowing glass in high school at the age of sixteen. He has quickly become one of Seattle’s premier artists creating magical glass sculptures of marine creatures including whales, sea lions, and much more. Raven’s mentor, Lark Dalton, taught him how to build glass blowing equipment and trained him in Venetian technique; this enabled Raven to build his own workshop. Soon thereafter, Raven joined the William Morristeam at Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen’s request. There he worked for the following seven years, learning sculptural glass. Since William Morris's retirement, Raven has continued to focus in the area of sculpture. His depiction of marine life is inspired by his island upbringing and informed by the creatures that inhabit this fragile ecosystem.