When art and science work together, local wildlife wins!

Artist and SR3 board memeber, Raven Skyriver, recently hosted a panel discussion at the Museum of Northwest Art discussing how art and science can inspire people to appreciate and care for the world around them. The panel was held in conjunction with his current exhibit “Submerge” which consists of glass blown marine wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. A description of the exhibit by the museum sums it up beautifully in this line: “In his pieces, Skyriver attempts to capture the essence of the animals he depicts and openly embraces the fragility of glass to convey messages around the fragility of our ecosystem.”

"Haul out" by Raven Skyriver. Glass sculpture of a Steller seal lion

"Haul out" by Raven Skyriver.
Glass sculpture of a Steller seal lion

The event was well attended and those present enjoyed having the expertise of not only the artist, but also the scientists behind the art narratives, and museum directors to give their unique perspectives. Discussions centered around the use of art as a way of communicating science, engaging the public, and highlighting regional marine conservation issues.

SR3 and SeaDoc Society were honored to not only participate in the unique panel discussion, but also collaborate on the exhibit to provide facts for each of Raven’s pieces educating visitors while they admired his work.




You can see Raven’s work on display through January 7th, 2018 at the Museum of Northwest Art, it’s free and open to the public. http://monamuseum.org/raven-skyriver-submerge

Visit Raven's personal site to see more of his work: http://www.ravenskyriver.com/